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Zombie Motocross Sketch

A t-shirt design I’m working on for DEADicated Motocross Fans.


2 replies on “Zombie Motocross Sketch

Hi there

I love this drawing. I’ve been searching for an image that would work to use as a logo for an event our local motocross club is putting together.

We’ve named the event “Helter Skelter”, and is a sort of hare scramble/sprint enduro format.

So I was looking for something that fits with a hectic/chaotic/frenzy/fun vibe, and this is just perfect.

Could we please use this image, or a variation of it?
If you were willing to sketch the words ‘Helter Skelter’ also to make a proper logo out of it, we would be super appreciative. And happy to pay you for your services…

Please let me know.

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