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Removing a Stump (Featuring 2 Toads)

This will no longer be an art blog. It’s going to be a blog about stuff that happens in my life because I’m really vain and think my life is super important. Not really. But my dad did some pretty cool stuff in his life and all I hear are the stories. He flew a plane with my mom while they lived in Nevada and worked as a steel worker on high rises. They would fly to Tijuana and the California coast. They didn’t take any pictures. I barely have any baby pictures. They just weren’t those kind of people. I guess they lived in the moment.

I want my kids to have something to look back on as I really wish I had that. I don’t know if they will, but the option will be there.

With that, I present to the world “Removing a stump (Featuring 2 Toads)”.

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