One Punch Man


I recently got hooked on the anime “One Punch Man”. It spoofs the standard action anime by flipping the script on cliche anime tropes. It takes the Dragon Ball Z formula and does everything opposite with hilarious results.

The normal long, drawn out, multi episode fights are over in one punch. The near-death training of standard anime heros before fights has been replaced with Saitamas program of doing 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 body weight squats, and a 10k every day for 3 years (even on days he didn’t want to!) Now he is seemingly god-like physically.

The animation will switch from cartoonish character design to marvel-like action sequences. It mixes styles but it all works because the basic story is one of comedy and satire. The animators appear to just be having fun making gloriously over the top action sequences. It’s a real joy to watch and laugh at.

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