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Idea for an animated short:

A boy is playing with his friends in a lake. In the distance he sees the blurry outline of the lochness monster. He turns to his friends and points but the image is gone. They don’t believe him.

He spends the rest of his life hunting the lochness in his free time. Every Sunday he goes to the lake to search. As he gets older he gets more bitter as the townspeople tease him. He starts bringing a gun with him. If he ever sees the monster again, he wants to make sure he has the evidence of it.

One day he is in his boat as pictured above and the monster looks over his shoulder at the map he always has with him. He puts the binoculars up to his eyes and turns his head. He is looking directly at the monster now. He drops the binoculars and in his shock falls out of the boat. The boat anchor becomes entwined in his leg and pulls him down. The light becomes farther and farther away until the screen goes black.

He blinks his eyes open. He is on shore with his boat and the monster is gone.

Next week comes and he is at the store and one of the townspeople gives him a little jab about his search. That day he decides not to go for the first Sunday in forever. He is mad that he had his opportunity slip through his fingers. He sits at home and becomes restless. Finally he decides to go out again and grabs his rifle from the wall.

Cut to the lake. He walks out onto a pier where his boat awaits. As he walks out he sees a ripple in the distance. It grows and moves toward him. The monster rises from the lake. He is shocked again but composes himself enough to raise his gun to his shoulder.

He blows the head right off the monster and then everyone believes him. Just kidding.

He shakes and can’t pull the trigger. Lowering the gun he sits down on the pier and lowers his head. He can’t do it and is dejected.

He is still bitter knowing that he can’t kill it and no one is going to believe him. He throws his notepad out into the water. The monster retrieves the notepad and brings it back, wagging it’s tail for him to throw it again. The old man smiles and does it again.

Next week comes and he is at the store and someone in town gives him a little jab about his search for the monster. He takes it in stride and implies that he is not going to give up the search.

He goes to the lake and plays with the monster – his new routine.

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