What I do.

I offer a variety of cartoon and illustration services including spot illustrations, political cartoons, t-shirt designs, logos, comic strips, children’s book illustrations, and anything else that you can slap a cartoon on. I create illustrations for you.

How much does it cost?

A typical answer from an illustrator is that pricing depends on factors like:

  • The time it will take to produce the art
  • Usage of the art – is it for a one-off t-shirt or poster, or will it be used as company branding?
  • Time you would like to buy the art for. Is it 2 years, or indefinitely?
  • Copyright is the biggest cost factor. If you want to buy copyright out, this will incur a larger cost.

Basically, the more work required and/or the larger the scope of your usage, the higher the fee.

The truth for me is that I like to make cartoons and I will work within your budget. The only exception to this is copyright. If you want a spot illustration for $50, don’t expect full copyrights on it. Mascots and logos where full copyrights are required usually range from $500 to $1000 from a professional illustrator.

What is the process?

I’ve written a blog post about the cartooning process.

How does payment work?

A common payment setup is for half of the fee to be paid up front and the rest after the project is completed. I am flexible on this though.

Payments can be made through check or Paypal.

So how do we start?

Fill out the commission form to start working up a contract through email. Once we both agree on the terms, off we go.