6 minute mile

Finally achieved one goal of mine in running. Two months ago I changed my running stride. Now I’ve finally gotten down to a 6 minute mile at the old age of 34. My splits:

Lap 1: Didn’t look
Lap 2: 2:57
Lap 3: 4:34 (1:37 lap)
Lap 4: 5:59.6 (1:26 lap)

I kind of gave up in lap 3. It didn’t seem like I could maintain the pace after running the first two laps at 2:57. After lap 3 I just thought to myself “Screw it. Just go for it.” Hard to believe I dropped 11 seconds from the third to the fourth laps. The 5K training definitely helped there. I was thinking of Louie Zamperini on that last lap. What an incredible life. I highly recommend the movie “Unbroken” based on his life.

Now to see if I can get a sub 20 minute 5k. I’m already close, but it won’t be achievable unless it’s in a race.


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