Rotten Wall From Lack of Flashing

Working on a house with my brother. Took out all the windows and noticed one with a lot of rot. In fact, the 2 X 4 bottom plate was completely rotted out. It was just gone.

We didn’t plan on doing any siding work to this house but this needed to be looked at from the outside. So after taking off two layers of siding this is what it looked like. The rim joist was rotted out down to the foundation.

The bottom of the roof edge had no kickout flashing. The siding was aluminum so it showed no signs of deterioration. The water was able to flow behind the siding and after years of this it rotted the entire wall out.

I cut out the rot that I could get to, sistered the floor joists, and rebuilt the area with treated wood.

This was finished off with some sheathing, step flashing, KICKOUT FLASHING, peel and stick underlayment on the wall where the roof ends, and then tarpapered. It will be sided later.


3 Wee Laddies

I rarely ever do this painterly style of cartooning but I asked them what kind of style they wanted and they said, “Whatever the artist comes up with”. So I spent way too much time doing a style I rarely do but it was fun.