Haladay Wood Specialties Logo

Here is the final logo created for my families little logging business. I did some other sketches before settling on this idea. Came to this idea after looking at some baseball logos.


Here is a video of how it was made:

And here are a couple of the initial concepts that got it started. There were others but they were just brainstorming sketches that were never going to be taken seriously.



Spring is Here

Yesterday I discovered that a new version of Sketchbook Pro was released… two years ago! I upgraded to version 7 today. I’m really digging the new features and the brushes feel great. It has expanded blending modes and the selection tool functions more like photoshop now. I haven’t gotten into some of the other features yet. I would have upgraded two years ago had I known about this.

Here is my first picture with version 7. The weather looks like it has finally turned where I live and I’m treated to the sounds of spring.


Caricature Painting

Used Sketchbook Pro for this one. Much different from Photoshop with how the brushes work. My trial version of Photoshop CS6 expired with all it’s painterly brushes. Still experimenting.

It’s some random internet person.