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Haladay Wood Specialties Logo

Here is the final logo created for my families little logging business. I did some other sketches before settling on this idea. Came to this idea after looking at some baseball logos.


Here is a video of how it was made:

And here are a couple of the initial concepts that got it started. There were others but they were just brainstorming sketches that were never going to be taken seriously.



Draw Anything in Any Style

Some random person was having trouble drawing. I had some time today and wanted to make a video explaining how I think a beginner could draw anything. I should never talk and draw at the same time again. Ignore the mumbling:

Bug and Gene – 31 Years


A cartoon for the in-laws. Lots of inside jokes in here:

  • All Gene watches is fishing and hunting shows.
  • One of his favorite shirts is a stick figure that is tooting and holding a sign that says “Free Gas”.
  • The clock is set to 2:45 when Bug comes home from work at Aramark. It’s a tough manual labor type of job and then she has to cook for Gene who is retired.
  • The catchphrase for Aramark is “Living the Dream”. That is the corniest catchphrase for a company ever.
  • Milo the cat always greets her at the door.

Here is a video of the making of this (had to reupload the video because I originally had copyrighted music. Can’t use Kid Cudi for background music. So sad.):