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First Day on the Job – Dragon Keeper

Another test painting. Should have used some reference. Everything just looks too plain. I would have done some saliva dripping but this was not going the way I wanted it to. My little trip into the world of digital painting is not going so good. This adventure may have concluded for the time being.


Quick Gorilla Test

A quick test painting in photoshop. It looked better before I tried some custom brushes and some quick colors.

gorilla test

I liked how the rendering was going in grayscale and then tried to apply colors using some soft and hard light layers in photoshop. Hated it. I seen it being done by Peter Mohrbacher in the below video:

He is an awesome artist but the adjustment layers to apply colors just didn’t work for me. I’ve been doing the caricatures lately with a base color and then staying close to that color in the color wheel. The colors end up harmonizing. That is what has worked for me so far.

Gesture Practice

Some gesture drawing for practice. I’m going to attempt a video about gesture drawing soon. Hopefully it will help people wanting to get started in art. I think this is the first skill an aspiring artist should learn, but beginners often overlook it because they would rather achieve a specific style. It’s much easier to learn a specific style of drawing if you know the fundamentals that apply to any type of drawing.


Dump of Stuff

Some random stuff from recently. Some clients and some just for fun.