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Instagram girl. She asked for a drawing on reddit then posted the picture on her instagram saying it was done by a fan. Ugh. Lesson to all you kids out there. If someone does something nice for you, the proper response is to also be nice. Maybe link to the artist that did the artwork. Maybe give some credit rather than turn them into a “fan”.

Not a fan.


Caricature Painting

Used Sketchbook Pro for this one. Much different from Photoshop with how the brushes work. My trial version of Photoshop CS6 expired with all it’s painterly brushes. Still experimenting.

It’s some random internet person.


Bernie Sanders Designs

It’s politics season. Bernie Sanders seems to have the hot hand regarding the young, politically motivated and excited crowd. Thought I would try my hand at some t-shirt designs, make a store with one of the print-on-demand stores, and see what happens. I copied a few designs from around the internet and did a few of my own for the store at

Some of the goofy designs:

bernie_2016_22 super_bernie 13-150249085-0-0-1