Coffee Break

Digital painting inspired by my dad who passed away a couple months ago. He was a logger among many other things and an all around great human being.

This style is also my first attempt at something similar to Marco Bucci’s style.

Coffee Break

Video of the making of the painting is below:

Artist Cartoons

Some random cartoons that don’t make any sense without some context. So I will give a little below each one.

art school

It’s a kid that wants to go to art school and a dad that knows this is not good.

This is an artist that missed a deadline and lost his client because of it.

This is an artist that went to art school.

I don’t know anyone that just makes art for a living. Might as well be beefy unicorn men. My wife said using a unicorn would get the point across better. She is probably right but I wanted to draw a beefy unicorn man.


Instagram girl. She asked for a drawing on reddit then posted the picture on her instagram saying it was done by a fan. Ugh. Lesson to all you kids out there. If someone does something nice for you, the proper response is to also be nice. Maybe link to the artist that did the artwork. Maybe give some credit rather than turn them into a “fan”.

Not a fan.


All The Little Kylo’s

There was a video that went viral recently of a kid dressed up as Kylo Ren at Disney World getting the royal guard treatment from some stormtroopers. Today I imagine Disney looks something like this.



Here is the video:

The World Traveler

This is one of my favorite types of drawings. The concept is to put a lot of simple things together in the drawing to create what appears to be a complex overall piece. The important part is creating an appealing, balanced composition from the elements.

In this one I was doing a cartoon of someone that has traveled a lot. I received a list of many of the places she had been and then picked several to draw. I added some elements of nature since I was told she loves that part of traveling. The result is below – a unique custom-made gift chronicling some of the many places she has been.